"on..." (a compilation of concepts)

This is a self-discovery arthouse book. A compilation of concepts and a reference point to the notion of thought.


"This is not a self help book.


I have created this project as a reference point to the notion of thought - and an assertion to the act of synchronizing our thoughts and actions. I emphasize the word action because I am sure that we can all attest to the fact that undergoing the process of introspection (or finding yourself) without jointly committing to a corresponding application of knowledge is both bottomless and seedless.


With that said..

I invite you to be anything but practical.  

Here is your "allotted safe space."


*All images were curated by me. 


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(aforementioned sentiments)


Through my observations, thoughts and musings, I developed this collection of fictional poems + anecdotes. The works are centered around relationships and personal reflections, centering around the perspectives of different women. All pieces are derived and rooted from a specific color and are intended to be read aloud. 


All works have been handwritten or initially voice recorded and transcribed by me. 


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