"on..." (a compilation of concepts)

"on..." (a compilation of concepts)

This is a self-discovery arthouse book. A compilation of concepts and a reference point to the notion of thought.


"This is not a self help book.

I have created this project as a reference point to the notion of thought - and an assertion to the act of synchronizing our thoughts and actions. I emphasize the word action because I am sure that we can all attest to the fact that undergoing the process of introspection (or finding yourself) without jointly committing to a corresponding application of knowledge is both bottomless and seedless.

In this work we discover our purpose, examine the way that our actions act as a liaison to manifest our purposes and the means through which we utilize what we have to enhance the world in which we reside. We will refer to this process as PDF (Purpose, Delivery, Function). 

With that said..

I invite you to be anything but practical. 

Here is your "allotted safe space."

*All images were curated by me, Jean Estene.

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